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As a reader of LEADING EDGE, you now know something of the innovative and ground-breaking style of news gathering we are pioneering at AeroSpaceNews.com. Since July 4, 1997, we have grown from a nascent idea to a publication read 50,000 times a month by visionaries such as you and aerospace insiders at Boeing, Harris, NASA, Loral, EUROCONTROL, Aerojet, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, Daimler-Benz and others.

From upcoming international subs to assignments 15,000 feet above the ground or 1000 miles at sea, field reporting is expensive to produce. Staff, air travel, meals, it all adds up. We are a small and dedicated operation already doing more with less. But we need a little more to do a lot more exciting things for you. Such as exclusive multi-track RealAudioTM feature stories that will put you in the cockpit like never before. In the years to come, you will enjoy webcast roundtable discussions with informed experts and top notch journalists discussing the technological, safety and tactical issues that matter most. You will get to listen in, not just read the transcript! Paid subscribers will also get invitations to our limited access online chats with key figures in the world of aerospace.

We'd like to do more, much more, and soon. But we need your help. We have a team of world-renowned aerospace journalists, editors and photographers ready to go to work for you capturing the insights, impressions, and images of tomorrow's technological wonders. This is coverage and information that no local radio station, network radio station, television station or trade magazine will ever offer. Help us bring this extraordinary magazine to life. Subscribe to LEADING EDGE and have your company and colleagues do the same. We have been delivering news free of charge. Some of you are paying other organizations $1,500 per year! And if you don't pay you don't get the stories.

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Your support will make possible the rapid climb of a cutting edge news organization — the one that delivers the LEADING EDGE.

Thank you.

Craig Schmitman
Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

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